Sunday, July 10, 2016


Spent the last two days loading the gas kiln at the Hui No'Eau, the community studio. The kiln is a 24 cu ft updraft kiln, built about 15 years ago, with lots of use, and it shows. Luckily there is another one just like it, as well as a 30 cu ft downdraft that has not yet been fired. The facilities at this studio are amazing, and it's nice to hang out with other potters after spending time in my home studio. I usually have one or two people helping load, which makes it a lot easier. Much of the ware is made by students in one of the courses that run year around, so checking bottoms and galleries for glaze drips is necessary. The studio still uses mullite kiln shelves, weighing 20+ lbs for a 12"x24" shelf- and getting the last few top layers stacked is quite something! I figure as long as I keep doing yoga twice a week I can do it- when I can't do the yoga it may be time for someone younger....
Firing tomorrow, Monday, and unload Thursday morning. A prayer to the kiln gods would be appreciated :-)

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