Sunday, July 3, 2016


Well, it's been a while- almost a whole year since I last wrote. Not sure what happened- after two weeks in Vancouver last summer I just stopped writing.
Since then, many changes: I am now the official- i.e. paid- tech guy at the local community studio. I get to fire the kilns, mix glazes, etc. Since I was doing all that anyway, it's just nice to get paid for it. I'm also teaching at the studio- first a hand building course, and now a more advanced throwing course. And unlike teaching physics 40 years ago, I'm enjoying this. Probably more in the fall- another attempt to get enough students for a teapot class. Doing all this, and making some of my own stuff, plus keeping 3 acres under control (although Sal does most of that), maintaining an off the grid house, etc, makes for a busy life- not at all what I expected when we moved here.
I started making sushi platters out of slabs of clay I rolled out with a two inch dowel. Hard work, and really slow. I was whining about that, when Bob Flint, another instructor at the studio, gave me an old slab roller he didn't want anymore. Needed a bit of work, but I just got it together. Now I can make bigger things!
Here is a photo of the monster- it's 40" across- more than I will ever need.

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