Friday, August 21, 2015


I was cleaning up my studio (140 sq ft gets messy very quickly) two days ago, and realized how much scrounged stuff I have. So the title of this blog came to mind- and then I thought of how much work we do, for how little money/hour. I guess we must love doing it...
And the stuff I noticed- I use tiles from the local Habitat for Humanity Restore (a dime a piece) for small bats; for big bats I bought bigger tiles there, and cut the corners with a $10 tile saw, also bought there. I usually don't use calipers; instead I made gauges for inside and outside measurements out of cheap linoleum tiles. I cut the 12"x12" lino tiles into four pieces to use as bats for my faceted mugs, and even use the whole tile, with holes drilled in the right places, to throw bigger bigger pots (I layer two on top of each other so I don't hit the bat pins when throwing). And yes, the pot distorts when I lift it off, but comes back into shape when placed on a flat board.
Of course, part of the incentive to make do with stuff like that is due to geography- When I need something quickly, most of the time I can't just go and buy it- that's the price I pay for living on Maui.

Tile bats

Large lino bat

Throwing gauges for lids

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