Thursday, August 6, 2015


Well, more vases. I seem to get started on some shape, and then others come. It usually takes a few iterations to work out what works and what doesn't. Too bad I can't really immediately get the right form in my head, and just make that. And then there are the subtle differences in proportion that are even harder to work out. So I'm still spanking round forms to make them less boring; this time the base of the vase is more shapely (I think); I still like the twisty neck. It's fun extruding the different shapes of neck and twisting them as they come out. Of course, now I have to decide on the glaze....
Thankfully hurricane/tropical storm Guillermo was a non event, like most other major weather events so far. I'm not complaining- the one tropical storm that got us a few years ago drenched all the furniture on the lanai because we didn't realize the wind direction would change as the center passed us. Now we know!

Two sided paddled vase, ~14"

Three sided, ~14"

Four sided, ~14"
11" to ~14"

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